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Bring me to your school!

One of my favorite things to do is encourage young authors and illustrators. If you are looking for an engaging presenter to inspire your students, contact me today!


Presentations & Workshops

For Elementary & Middle School students


My presentations are fun, engaging peeks into my creative process. From comics/graphic novels, picture books, chapter books and interactive books – each storytelling format and project have their own creative challenges. I share about the importance of revisions, feedback and the fantastic literary devices that are available to creators. (I especially LOVE alliteration, onomatopoeia, and puns. I also can, usually, spell “onomatopoeia” correctly on the first try). At the end, students are encouraged and excited to create. I bring my guitar along for most groups (especially the younger grades) and am always game to show a magic trick (or two – if you have a deck of cards handy).



I typically book either Half Day (2-3 sessions) or Full Day (4-5 sessions) visits. A session is usually around 45-50 minutes. (30 minutes for Kindergarten.)

If desired, my visits can be a mix of large group presentations and workshops.

Presentations include:

"Where do ideas come from?" : I read some of my stories,  share about the writing/illustration process, drawing demonstration, and Q&A.

"Keys to Cultivating Creativity" including sharing my work, the creative process, drawing demonstration, and Q&A.

Story-mapping: A workshop exercise that walks through the process of outlining a story to give a general direction for writing a rough draft.

Comics Are Magic: An interactive comics crash course introducing the essential elements of comic creation.

I also enjoy customizing my presentations to support any relevant learning outcomes.

Contact me for rates and availability! Please include where you are located (I'll be traveling from the Bangor, Maine area), how many presentations, and your all-time favorite book (I like hearing about great stories.)


Side effects of my school visits include:
• Boosted enthusiasm for writing

• Increased interest in reading and storytelling

• Heightened desire for drawing (students may ask to skip recess)
• Unlocked creativity and imagination


Effects may last beyond the school day, inspiring students to continue exploring their creativity at home.



Request a Visit

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