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Looking for an entertaining, educational, motivating speaker to come speak to your class/school?

Contact me for rates and availability (Skype visits available!)

Photos courtesy of Alan Brownewell (Helen S Dunn School), Kaline Goodrich (Hermon Elementary School), and Erika Haulk (Dedham Elementary)

Photos courtesy of Alan Brownewell (Helen S Dunn School), Kaline Goodrich (Hermon Elementary School), and Erika Haulk (Dedham Elementary)

As a life-long learner and encourager of creativity, I LOVE talking with students about the creative process and taking a story from concept to completion.

I offer different presentations, workshops, and love to craft talks that complement current lesson plans.

About me:

I’m an international award-winning creator who has written and illustrated my own comics and books. I have also illustrated books for others (including the 14 “Zeke Meeks” chapter books) and created art for mobile games (included “7 Little Words for Kids” and “Monkey Wrench”). I’m also an experienced presenter who has led workshops at conferences, libraries and schools.

About my presentations:

My presentations are fun, engaging peeks into my creative process. From comics/graphic novels, picture books, chapter books and interactive books – each storytelling format and project have their own creative challenges. I share about the importance of revisions, feedback and the fantastic literary devices that are available to creators. (I especially LOVE alliteration, onomatopoeia, and puns. I also can, usually, spell “onomatopoeia” correctly on the first try). At the end, students are encouraged and excited to create. I bring my guitar along for most groups and am always game to show a magic trick (or two – have a deck of cards handy).

Photo Credit: Nick Waugh

Kindergarten (30 minutes): Includes a read aloud of my books to reinforce reading skills and I usually have my guitar for a song or two (letter sounds)
Grades 1-4 (45-50 minutes): Share the process of creating a picture book, illustrating a chapter book, and includes drawing demonstration and Q&A.
Grades 5-8 (45-50 Minutes): Share about the process of creating my books, presentation on where ideas come from, drawing demonstration, and interactive brainstorming exercise. I also share about how I’ve used technology to work for clients around the globe.

I also conduct workshops on creating stories, graphic novels, and character creating exercises.

(For high school students – I prefer talking with small groups who are interested in pursuing careers in the art field.)

I’m also available to visit via Skype (username: joshalves )! This is a great option for schools outside the New England area to bring me to class (and very affordable). In fact, Skype visits are a great way to bring me to class multiple times throughout the year! I love to partner with teachers in getting the kids excited about learning. Bring me in at the start of a language arts project and any step along the way! From concept, to draft, to finals – I enjoy each part of the process.

Send me a note today to check for rates and availability! Please include where you are located (I’ll be traveling from Worcester, Massachusetts), how many presentations, and your all-time favorite book (I love hearing about great stories).

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As they say, don’t take my word for it:

“Josh Alves delighted our students and teachers with his engaging presentations!  I heard nothing but great praise for Josh from students and teachers alike.  One teacher reported that her students immersed themselves in drawing and writing the minute they returned to the classroom.  Josh tailored his presentations to meet the needs of our PreK-5 grade levels, and he was a pleasure to work with.  I encourage all schools to book a visit with this inspiring author/illustrator!”
- Diana Smart, Asa C Adams Elementary 

“If you’re looking for an Author’s visit with a twist- Josh Alves is who you want! Adults & kids alike were captivated by his energy, with a little magic thrown in. Josh’s comic books reach the “hard to motivate” readers. They enjoy the humor & the challenge of “cracking the codes”. Our school can’t wait to have him return with his new adventures of Araknid Kid!”
- Literary Coach at Alton Elementary