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What is an “Ideologist”?

For one, it’s someone who creates a word to describe someone who loves and studies ideas. I LOVE clever concepts, funny thoughts/observations, and anything that gets your thinker thinking.

Ideas are the tiny seedlings of “Creativity” that sprout into something! Sometimes they’re the result of a little doodle. Other times they drift off the breeze of a brainstorm. Sometimes they’re the result of a question or a mish-mash of thoughts. These are some of the finished products of those little nuggets:


“Beginning at the break of dawn, Baxter Beaver bolted out of bed.”

Baxter Beaver is so excited to get to his buddy’s burrow that he leaves the house – forgetting to do something very important. Along the way bouquets of Bachelor Buttons wilt and Blue Birds belly flop – all because of bad breath.

This tale told with alliteration is available devices on Amazon


I love challenges. For 8 years, each week I would give myself (or get) a topic to find humor in. Then I would share it as a single panel comic that ran in weekly newspapers around the country! You can see some of them here on Facebook!


I love building thinking skills. This comic book series features a main character who speaks using pictograms and rebus puzzles! Use context clues to figure out what the Kid is saying. If you ever get stuck, the “answers” are on the bottom of the page. Get your copy of the collection right here!


Everyone knows what happened the NIGHT before Christmas, now find out what happened during the DAY!

Told as a prequel to the classic poem – this story tells of how two families prepare for the holiday together.

“Even A Mouse” is currently out of print


But that’s not all!

What ideas spark when you and your 5 year old play with dinosaurs? Did you know a novelty Christmas song inspired one of my comic concepts? How about a super sleuth that attends Watson Elementary? More of my personal projects will be added to this page. Stay tuned!