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I love being introduced to new, cool things.

I’ve been busy, working away on the next round of Zeke Meeks books and haven’t had much time to create extra art. I’ve got my warm-up doodles and some other projects I’m working on – but nothing I can post.

Until today.

Today’s warm-up was inspired by a collaborative project from The Miller Brothers and RocketSnail games. It’s a book/video game/show/toy combo called “Mech Mice” and it features…. Mice with Tech and Mechs! (I don’t have to pitch it to you anymore ;)  )

Cale Atkinson’s art along with the concept sparked this (it ended up being a little more than a warm-up ):

This is the character “Nightshade”. Something about this one looked very “Snake Eyes-esque” ( Go JOE!) and I had to draw him.

The first book is now available! I haven’t read it yet (emphasis on “yet”). But you can check out the WHOLE thing and read it free here! If you like it, please consider picking up a copy and sharing it with your friends.

UPDATE:  So, I’ve had a chance to check this book out. SUPER FUN!!! “Nightshade” is definitely one of my favorite characters….

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