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November is “Picture Book Idea Month” – Participants attempt to come up with 30 ideas/concepts for a picture book (1 a day). For fun, I started to thinkĀ up some creative encouragement for creators who were taking the challenge. This block of cheese was born… offering a bit of amiable affirmation.

CAUTION: These lines may cause a smirk AND possibly cause your eyes to roll SO far back into your head that you’ll be able to SEE your ideas forming.

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Learn more about #PiBoIdMo at

Do you have a suggestion for a line “Cheesy” encouragement? Leave a comment or message me your idea. Please include any social media links I could reference if I use yours!









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  • I ABSOLUTELY love these. They’re like little pep talks. Bookmarking this page now. Thanks for posting them.

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