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Creating Interactive Books Part 2: Setting the Stage

(Read part 1 here) As with most things, when preparing to create an interactive book – one of the most crucial steps in the process… is the preparation. (When you fail to plan you plan to fail, right?). Ideally, you have your page roughed out and know what elements you’ll want to be interactive and […]

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Creating Interactive Books Part 1: Tools

Welcome to part one of my series on “Interactive Books” – the plan is to share some of my processes (both in thought and execution) in creating them. First, let me start off by saying that I think that all books are “interactive”. In particular, picture books. You have the lovely interaction between words and […]

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How I used Twitter to get my first publishing contract

I have found it highly beneficial when other artists and illustrators talk about their tips, tricks, and experiences. My hope for this new year is that I could add to that sharing of knowledge. I thought I’d start with how I used social media to get my first publishing contract (and more!). First off – […]

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