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If you took the love of comics (Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Spider-Man), mixed in a measure of humor (Abbot & Costello, Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Lewis), added a pinch of pondering (CS Lewis, Tim Keller) along with a few other odds and ends – you’ll end up with someone that might resemble me.

I’m a husband, dad of four, graphic designing, cartooning illustrator who finds himself doodling all sorts of fun things in my office in central Massachusetts (outside Worcester).

I’m the illustrator of the award-winning Zeke Meeks chapter book series (14 books!) and creator of “Lilly Bristol, Dinosaur Wrangler”, author/illustrator of the international award-winning interactive book “SURPRISE!” (I won AGAIN with my comic “MoonStone Chronicles”), and more!

I’ve created comics that have appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the world (from Highlights here in the US to kid’s magazines in Malaysia to soccer magazines in England and beyond!). I’ve made art for various apps and mobile games including word puzzle games like “7 Little Words”, “7 Little Words for Kids”, and “Monkey Wrench”.

As an experienced speaker, I’ve presented at schools, libraries and conferences (including NESCBWI) and love talking about storytelling and the creative process!

Other random tidbits:
(NOTE: These are things you might reference in casual conversation with me.

If you do, I’ll probably look at you slightly confused, wondering how you knew about that.

Then you’ll say you read it on my “About” page – and I’ll give a look of “Oh yeah! I put that there!” and we’ll keep talking.

Just like old times.

“Old times” being 27 seconds prior to my confusion):

  • My first comic strip, Zeek And Dent, was published in 2004 by the Bangor Daily News. It ran for 500 comic strips. I ended it to start “Tastes Like Chicken
  • My wife and I have been married since 2002. Since then, we’ve consumed, at minimum – 1 pint (each) of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream a week. We love ice cream.
  • We also love pizza.
  • I grew up in Rhode Island.
  • Before jumping into self-employment, I worked for the Bangor Daily News for nearly ten years. My roles included Graphic Designer, New Media Marketing & Revenue Manager, and ultimately Creative Services Manager.
  • I play guitar.
  • I can juggle 8-Balls. (Well, 3 “Magic 8-Balls”)
  • I can juggle 4 items, but not for very long.
  • If you ever see me, bring me a deck of cards or a quarter and I’ll show you a magic trick.
  • The scar in my right eyebrow is from an injury I obtained in the 3rd grade. I was playing catch during recess and ran into a metal lamppost. I did catch the ball.
  • I went to Canada and auditioned for “Last Comic Standing” (I didn’t get on the show)
  • I sent an application to the new (now old) “American Gladiators” (I didn’t get on the show)
  • I applied for “American Ninja Warrior” and they CALLED ME BACK! But, I didn’t get on the show. (Are you sensing a pattern here? I like to try things.)
  • My favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor is “Wavy Gravy”. They no longer make it. It’s in the flavor graveyard. I’ve suggested they bring it back as “Wavy Back From the Gravy”. They haven’t.
  • Are you still reading these?
  • I used Twitter to get my first publishing contract (really).
  • Twitter was also used to obtain a project creating coloring books for Energizer.